Service, Maintenance & Support

TCK are a trusted partner who service, maintain and support a vast number of sites and services across the Malaysia for their customers, which include Water utilities and Government Agencies.

Whether it is for a single site requiring sensor changeovers through to complete managed Tankered Domestic Waste networks we provide appropriate assistance to ensure that it will continue to provide reliable data and service.
We have complete control over the data collection, management and display which enables us to monitor every station using the service. This gives unparalleled abilities to detect potential issues and resolve them rapidly.


Proactive support is at the heart of TCK. Many faults can be diagnosed remotely and in some cases proactively managed to ensure that the impact to data collection or site operation in minimal. With advanced diagnostic tools built into the TCK Data Centre the user can be alerted to potential issues prior to a major fault. This results in significant cost savings by not having to visit sites, or only visiting once the fault has been diagnosed.

The field service teams are setup to provide both proactive and reactive maintenance strategies, with fully equipped vans to cope with almost any issue encountered. Engineers are multidisciplinary and are trained in electrical, electronic and mechanical skills.

The support team at TCK offices setup scheduled service routines and maintenance plans with the customer, and can directly interface with all stakeholders to organise repair and service visits. Report sets can be created for the customer with details of calibration certificates for audit and control purposes. Equipment records are maintained to build up a service profile for the sites.

User support is critical to any organisation. Whether by phone, or email users can always rely on having a skilled member of staff to support them with use of the web applications, station deployment or interpretation of the incoming data. With this support even untrained users can deploy equipment and have data displayed on the web in a manner of minutes – ideal for disaster events or similar.

Service, Maintenance & Support

TCK are a trusted partner who service, maintain and support a vast number of sites and services across the Malaysia…

Research, Evaluate & Develop

TCK are an innovative, technically focused organisation. We devote a large proportion of our revenue to Research and Development…


TCK have been successfully designing, building and installing environmental monitoring and control solutions for over 25 years…