Research, Evaluate & Develop

TCK are an innovative, technically focused organisation. We devote a large proportion of our revenue to Research and Development, evolving existing products and services and developing new tools to monitor, control and understand the environment. We are also trusted by many clients to research, evaluate and develop solutions on their behalf.

Our guiding principle is to continuously research, evaluate and develop to ensure that our products, applications and services are always at the forefront of current thinking. This enables us to integrate emerging technologies with established well proven techniques to ensure that we can offer optimal integrated solutions.

We have a well established proactive development program integrated into the workplace. Drawing on the expertise of our engineers, the experiences of our customers and forward thinking management this enables us to develop unified solutions. All software application development, firmware and hardware design activities are conducted in house, giving us an unparalleled ability to produce genuinely ground breaking outputs in short timescales.

TCK are a trusted partner to organisations such as Government Agency, working together to develop products which meet exact requirements in a cost effective, technically optimal manner.

A typical development life cycle with a client will involve a number of stages:
Requirements Capture – We work with the customer to develop a specification for the product or application. With our experience we can often help guide a client toward a solution which is has functionality and features beyond what was considered possible, at a cost lower than imagined.

Research and consult – With skills built up through many decades of industry knowledge TCK can advise on all areas of data collection, control and display. This can include elements such as sensor selection, pump control solutions, integration with existing SCADA, instrumentation and power supplies. Proposals can be generated to give the customer innovative choices for their projects, in the knowledge that these are based on tried and tested solutions.

Prototype and evaluate – Using in-house facilities and trusted subcontractors we can produce prototype equipment and application shells in very fast timescales. This enables us to evaluate designs at an early stage and also to give the customer early sight of the proposed solution to refine the final outcome.

Implementation – Once a prototype system is agreed TCK can quickly move this on, for example setting up a production run or implementing a robust scaled system. As this element is also completed in house the development teams are in direct contact with the production engineers, ensuring that the final outcome is exactly as intended.

We enjoy challenges and are often approached by customers to provide solutions to projects which are considered too difficult or expensive to pursue. By working through the issues with the customer we can usually propose answers which result in successful outcomes, completed quickly with limited budgets.

If you are looking for a professional, experienced team to develop and conceptualise, and then create and implement then please contact us.

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Research, Evaluate & Develop

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