Design, Build & Install

TCK has been successfully designing, building and installing environmental monitoring and control solutions for over 25 years. We make it simple to obtain high quality, real time data in a secure, accessible way.

Here at TCK, we work with our customers to provide solutions which are reliable, intuitive and cost effective. TCK offers a fully managable service, whereby we provide monitoring hardware, installation and a complete web package for real time data analysis and control. We also provide system components to assist users in building their own solutions.

Our service extends from the provision of telemetry outstations through to data collection and hosting at the dedicated TCK Data Centre. Our team of web application developers have created a range of innovative data visualisation tools for interpretation and control.

As a manufacturer, we design and build monitoring a vast variety of solutions, from single sites to integrated systems of many hundreds of stations.

All outstation hardware have been designed in house by our team of engineers and manufactured using our own production facilities. This gives us complete control over the equipment we sue, thus ensuring a high level of quality coupled with fast delivery time.

Utilising a combination of communication technologies from GSM/ GPRS to Satellite and long/short range radio, TCK offers systems that can collect data from virtually any location. These systems are integrated seamlessly at the TCK Data Centre to create networks which are robust, dependable and instantly accessible.

We have a standard range of units which can be supplied and configured for direct deployment by even untrained personnels. These stations are then instantly available using any web enabled viewing device to monitor, control and understand all collected data.

TCK also builds complete monitoring station solutions. Built into kiosks or wall panels, these can contain flow cells, pump controlled flow, online analysers and more. All of which are controlled remotely using our integrated telemetry system.

Our design engineers work directly with the customer to define and agree on the requirement and specification for the equipment. We offer a project management package for these solutions and deliver complete turnkey services to our clients.

TCK Field installation teams are also multi-skilled. When working with clients, they will firstly complete the site infrastructure, including groundwork, electrics, stilling wells and cable routes. Next, they will move onto the installation of the monitoring equipment, including pumps, pipework, sensors and kiosk. Finally, the station is commissioned and tested, with our team delivering a fully operational solution.

Our expertise in core areas has also enabled us to extend our work into related product areas such as remote power, where we can design and provide systems that exactly match customer requirements for stable and reliable power sources.

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Design, Build & Install

TCK have been successfully designing, building and installing environmental monitoring and control solutions for over 25 years…