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MyDAS® Embedded Controller


MyDAS® Embedded Controller system is utilising any communication technology available in the market. With its low power consumption concept, it has proved itself in many successful monitoring and control system applications.

Rugged Design
MyDAS® Embedded Controller units are showing good adaptation to severe lightning condition thus lowering cost of maintenance and system downtime. This MYSMS ® Based embedded controller is paving its way into many other remote monitoring systems that require such reliable system.

Low Power Consumption
With its average low power consumption of less than 80mA, it is suitable to use small solar power system but with relatively long autonomy.

Advanced Text Format
Uses only pure text format for data transmission for long-term system reliability.

Track Records(Malaysian Technology)
Known as one of the most successful Malaysian-made embedded controllers with hundreds of completed site references throughout this region with many success stories along the way.

Reliable Communication System
GPRS, SMS, Radio Technology, Wireless technology available is proven to be more reliable comparing to other wireless networks. The network is constantly being upgraded by the Telcos.

Integrated GSM/GPRS Modem

Flexible Customization
This local-made system with flexible hardware/firmware design will easily fulfil any suitable application that needs customization especially in this ever-changing market demands.

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Sensor interfaces: – SDI-12 (Optional)
– RS-232
– RS-485
– 16 Digit Input (5V to 24V)
– 8 Relay Output (Max. 2A)
– Logical channels: up to 32 channels
– A/D-converter 16 bit up to 32 bit (Optional)
Communication interfaces: – RS 232
– RS 485
– CS I/O
Operating system: MySMS ®
Integrated GSM/GPRS Modem (Optional): Support GSM / GPRS / WCDMA / LTE-FDD
Power Supply: 12-30 VDC
Power Consumption: Stand By Mode 20mA,
Normal Mode 80mA
Temperature Range: Operation: -25⁰C to 60⁰C

Storage: -40⁰C to 75⁰C

Dimensions: 14.5 * 8.9 * 7.3 cm
Data Memory: Flash Memory: 2 MB ;
SRAM Memory: 4MB
  • Quick to Install- Factory Fabricated, no additional software is require
  • Local-Made Product- Easily Customized
  • Redundant communication paths ensure complete data availability
  • Extremely Low Power Consumption allows prolonged use at remote locations
  • Supports Multiple Input & Output types e.g. Digital, Pulse & Analogue
  • Fast & Accurate Data Retrieval
  • Fast Alert Notification
  • Data Transmission Interval Scheduling e.g. min 1 sec to Max 24 Hours
  • Ad-hoc Query/ RTU Status Interrogation
  • Simultaneous Message Broadcasting
  • Using Reliable GSM/ GPRS/ Radio Network
  • Integration with Intelligent PLC System
  • Auto Real Time Clock Correction
  • Support protocol PakBus, Modbus, DNP3, FTP, HTTP, XML, POP3, SMTP, telnet, NTCIP, NTP, SDI-12, SDM
  • Renesas H8S 2322 Processor
  • Set the time for data storage from every 10 ms to every 1 day with a data capture resolution of every 10ms
  • Support Two-Way Communications for monitoring and configuration system.