CTD Sensor

The OTT CTD is an integrated sensor and data logger for measurement of water level, temperature, and conductivity in groundwater and surface water applications.
It features a robust ceramic measuring cell for long term accuracy and has outputs for salinity and total dissolved solids (TDS). Its built in data logger manages and stores all measurements at user-programmable intervals.

  • Application: Surface water, Groundwater
  • Measurement technology: Vented pressure cell and 4-electrode graphite conductivity cell
  • Parameters measured: Water level, Temperature, Conductivity
  • Product Highlights: Measures and stores water level, temperature, and conductivity data
  • Measurement range: Water level: 0 … 4, 10, 20, 40, and 100 m Conductivity: 0.001…2.000 mS/cm, 0.10…100.00 mS/cm
  • Accuracy: ±0,05 % FS
  • Internal data logger: Yes
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  • Continuous or real-time water level, temperature, and conductivity measurement of:
  • Groundwater wells
  • Streams, rivers, channels, and canals
  • Ideal for monitoring:
  • Continuous water level networks
  • Short-term or long-term projects
  • Salt water intrusion
  • Aquifer storage and recovery
  • Estuaries and wetlands
  • Reservoirs, lakes, and wetlands

Outputs for conductivity include specific conductivity, salinity, and total dissolved solids

Ceramic pressure cell provides industry-leading accuracy

Conductivity, depth, and temperature measurements are combined into a single device that easily installs in a 1” or larger well or conduit

4 MB of memory provides capacity for over 500,000 data points—ideal for long-term deployments OR short-term, high resolution pumping studies

Can be powered for over 18 months with off-the-shelf alkaline batteries or over 5 years with lithium batteries

Ability to perform contact gauge control measurements without sensor removal, so no need to pull the cable for routine maintenance

  • Complete in-well solution: all components are inserted into the groundwater well, eliminating the possibility of instrument vandalism
  • Battery life: up to 5 years with lithium batteries, with alkaline options are also available.
  • Long-term accuracy: a robust ceramic pressure cell will not deform over time, and an accurate 4-electrode conductivity measuring cell provides outputs for salinity and total dissolved solids (TDS)
  • User-friendly interaction: only one program required to setup unit and download data, plus a simple infrared communication interface that provides easy on-site data download
  • Simple Maintenance: Infrared interface, batteries, and desiccant are accessible at the top of the well or pipe and no tools are required