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OTT Pluvio²

Meteorological Stations

Recognized worldwide for its precision and performance, the OTT Pluvio² is an all-weather precipitation gauge that uses superior weight-based technology to measure rainfall, snow or hail. The OTT Pluvio² determines the collection bucket weight every 6 seconds. The difference between this measurement and the known weight of an empty collection bucket equals the precipitation accumulation. The difference between the current bucket content and the previous measurement equals precipitation intensity. The OTT Pluvio² evaluates each measurement and compensates for external influences such as temperature, wind, and evaporation.

The newly designed OTT Pluvio² offers the same reliability and precision as the first generation Pluvio with the addition of real-time intensity, multiple communication interfaces, and two collection capacity and collection area options.

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  • Large collection capacity – 750 mm or 1500 mm
  • Real-time intensity measurements (in/min or in/hr)
  • Accumulation measurements with consistent 5-minute delay
  • Automatic, continuous measurement
  • Drift-free, hermetically sealed measuring platform
  • Communication interfaces – SDI-12, RS-485, Pulse Output
  • Pluvio² precipitation gauge and performance comply with WMO guideline No. 8
  • USB interface for communication with a computer
  • Pluvio² Software for basic setup and control measurements
  • 4” flange for easy installation
  • Optional ring heater for use in cold climates (1500 mm version only)
  • Low cost of ownership – Minimal maintenance required – annual or biannual site visits
  • Robust – designed to withstand all-weather environments, long-term stability, overload protection, and lifetime calibration
  • Flexible – standard communication interfaces easily connect to most any data logger
  • Operate in remote locations with solar power, low power consumption – typical 15 mA at 12 V