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OTT Parsivel²

Laser Precipitation Measurement

The OTT Parsivel² is an advanced laser-based disdrometer for comprehensive measurement of all precipitation types. Accurate yet economical, the Parsivel² captures both the size and speed of individual precipitation particles and a signal processor classifies the type of precipitation as well as the amount and intensity.

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  • Infrared laser (785 nm)
  • Accuracy within ± 5% of precipitation rate
  • Uncertainty of class sizes within ± 1
  • Raw data without individual correlation
  • IP65 plug connector for easy installation
  • Integrated ambient temperature sensor
  • Controllable 100 Watt heater
  • Maintenance-free – no moving parts or collection bucket that would traditionally require regular maintenance
  • Durable – continuous, precise precipitation data in all environmental conditions and integrated over-voltage protection
  • Energy efficient – low power consumption and flexible separate controlled head heating
  • Flexible communication – standard ports for RS-485, SDI-12, USB, and impulse for connecting to a data logger, automatic weather station (AWS), or laptop
  • Innovative design – robust aluminum housing and symmetrically arranged measuring heads prevent moisture from affecting laser band direction